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We are committed to helping people learn the basics from industry experts while also helping creators share their knowledge with a wider audience. We hope you'll try a course, and if you're interested in teaching a course with The Basic Courses, please contact us below.

With The Basic Courses, you can be a student and an instructor!
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Meet our instructors

Sundance Brennan

Sales and Leadership Instructor
Sundance specializes in new business development, sales training, sales strategy, mentoring leaders, and improving revenue. He's an energetic leader recognized for creating high-performance teams with a loyal following and the author of the Amazon bestselling book: “The Art of SalesFu, 10 Steps to Selling Anything Over the Phone.” As a call center executive and a multi-passionate entrepreneur (marketing, book publishing, education, crypto-currency, sports, and more), Sundance is well connected and has a history of implementing the right strategy at the right time.

Lauren Hatfield

Entrepreneur and Leadership Instructor
With her experience in breaking records across the globe with her sales and leadership background, Lauren is here to help you reach your goals as an entrepreneur and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Music, entertainment, and social media are her passions. She's also in charge of the Sales Grammar Podcast. Sales Grammar is an all-in-one marketing platform that is part of The Basic Courses family of businesses.

Yadira Contreras

Authorship Instructor
As the executive director of The Basic Books publishing company, Yadira has the information that authors need in order to get published and sell more books. She also helps authors get set up as course instructors through The Basic Courses and shares her insider knowledge on authorship and publishing through her own courses. She has a background in banking and finance.

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